What comes in a BrainBox?

Each BrainBox comes with a clothing item, a mental health tool, stickers and/or pins, and local support resources for your mental all. Everything in the box is chosen to support your heath or help you advocate for those in your life!

How often will I get a BrainBox?

Our BrainBoxes are shipped out once every three months.

Why do you only ship within Ontario?

We've just started this project! The first couple of boxes are only available in Ontario because we are a small team, mostly of volunteers. As paid subscriptions, funding, and interest grows, we hope to expand across Canada. If you are from out-of-province, please let us know!

When will I get my BrainBox?

Our orders are fulfilled based on pre-orders at this point in time. Your box will be shipped out once it is completed. You will receive an email when your order is shipped or being delivered. Our quarterly boxes are for March, June, September, and December.

What counts as local delivery?

Local deliveries are currently provided in Guelph and in Dufferin County, both in Ontario.

Who are you guys anyway?

BrainBox is a program of Youth Unlimited | YFC Highlands, run by our YFC Guelph division. You can find out more about us here.

Is my payment secure?

Yes! Purchases are securely processed by either Square or PayPal, both highly trusted names in online retail. We do not receive your financial details. Donations are also secure and are processed by Micharity.

How do I tell you about a suggestion for the next BrainBox?

You can do that here. We would love your input!

Are the youth and adult boxes the same?

Yes. Other than a few youth-specific resources from social services, everything in a BrainBox is just as enjoyable (we believe) for adults.

What if I want to pay for a youth box for myself or my kid, instead of getting it for free?

We love that you want to help out! You can buy a youth subscription, or you can make a donation. If you own a business, consider sponsoring a run of boxes!

Why is shipping so expensive?

Because we're not Amazon, we have don't get a massive discount on shipping from carriers such as Canada Post or UPS. The price we charge is what we pay our shipping partners as a small business with low volumes. We do not hide any handling fees into the shipping costs. If your business can help us with this challenge, we'd love to hear from you!